Wood Stud Finder & More - Walabot DIY

Wood Stud Finder & More - Walabot DIY

If you’ve been looking for a good wood stud finder, then you already know there are many options available. But there’s only one wood detector that lets you see through walls, so you can find studs, plumbing, electric wires, and more.


Wood Stud Finder & More - Walabot DIY

Why Walabot DIY?

What if you could see through walls? Amazingly, with Walabot DIY, what was once a fantasy has become a reality. Where other wood stud finders merely sense the presence of metal and provide users with a “ping”, this innovative wood detector uses radio frequency waves to penetrate common building materials and reveal the exact location of studs, pipes, and more. It even shows where pests are hiding.


Walabot DIY 2 M

$169.95 $195.99

Designed for DIYers who want to get the job done fast. Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones. With extended reach and a Built-in rechargeable battery - won’t drain your phone.

How Walabot DIY Works ?

When passed over the wall, Walabot DIY bounces its radio waves over objects inside. It is then able to show you what’s inside the wall in a few different ways. There are three modes to choose from:

  • Pan Mode – It’s recommended you get started with Pan mode. This view provides you with a map of the wall’s interior features, with bright bars on your phone’s screen indicating studs, wires, pipes, and cables. The overview captured can be used once or saved for future reference.
  • Images Mode – Here, Walabot DIY shows you the location of objects such as metal or wood studs, plumbing pipes, and electric wires in real time. This imaging feature also shows the location of pests such as termites, rats, and mice. Clear graphics make it easy for you to determine what kind of object you’re viewing in Images Mode.
  • Expert Mode – In Expert Mode, Walabot displays images of the raw radio frequency signals. It’s great for finding what are called anomalies, like the center of a stud. Or it can be used for pinpointing intersecting objects. It’s also ideal for tracing the path of wire or pipe, including recessed wires.


Wood Stud Finder & More - Walabot DIY

Is Walabot DIY Easy to Use?

Where some wood stud finders and wall scanners are tough to decipher, it’s easy to learn how to use Walabot DIY. Just remember you’ll need a compatible Android/iOS phone with the “Walabot DIY” stud finder app installed for it to work. Once you’ve connected the device to your phone with the USB cable it comes with, you’ll need to calibrate it before each use. There’s nothing tricky about this process; it simply involves passing the unit over the wall so that it can determine optimal penetration depth and provide you with accurate results. After selecting which viewing mode you’d like to work with – Pan, Images or Expert – you can use Walabot DIY as a wood stud finder for hanging heavy objects while providing yourself with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing the exact location of plumbing and electric wires.

Is Walabot a Good Fit for Me?

Since Walabot DIY offers multiple functions, it stands up to a variety of tasks. Contractors, handymen, plumbers, and electricians are among Walabot DIY’s users, as are homeowners who enjoy handling their own DIY projects. Viewing the step-by-step guide to Walabot DIY can help you determine whether this is the right wood stud finder for your needs. Detailed video tutorials show a variety of tasks in progress, so you can see exactly how Walabot DIY works, and what it can do for you.
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