Walabot Best Stud Finder

Walabot: The Best Stud Finder App

See Studs, Pipes, Wires Beams & More Behind Your Wall

Perhaps you’ve used a stud finder for walls, only to find yourself confused at the beeps, the lights, or the symbols that the gadget uses to indicate that you’ve located a wall stud on which to hang your shelves, cabinets, heavy artwork, or that brand-new TV you can’t wait to watch. There’s good news for pros and intrepid DIYers alike: Some stud finder apps are better than old-fashioned stud finders. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this one can even see through walls.

Why Use Walabot Stud Finder App?

If you’ve tried to learn how to use a stud finder with no luck or a lot of false positives, you’re definitely not alone. A standard wood stud finder typically looks for simple obstructions inside walls, meaning that it sounds off or flashes its lights whenever it locates anything at all. This could be metal ductwork, pipes, electrical conduit, or those elusive studs. Walabot DIY is one of the best stud finder apps available, thanks to its ability to differentiate and prevent you from making a messy, costly, or even dangerous mistake.
Walabot Best Stud FInder App | Learn how to detect pipes, studs and wires in your walls

How the Walabot Stud Finder App Works

A standard wood stud finder works by sensing density changes inside walls. Some of the older ones rely on magnetometers, and some use impulse radar, which is great for contractors who need to find studs underneath several layers of material. Still, there’s room for error since neither form of technology will tell you exactly what’s hiding beneath that layer of plaster or drywall. Like many old-fashioned stud finders, most stud finder apps are magnetic, meaning that they simply rely on the phone’s built-in magnetometer to locate metal objects inside walls. Because wood studs are fastened with metal nails and/or screws, these applications are able to pinpoint their locations. The newest technology is different.


Walabot DIY 2 M

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The Walabot wall scanner has the ability to detect different materials so that users can map their walls and eliminate the risk of expensive or dangerous mistakes that can happen when accidentally drilling into plumbing or electrical wires. It also detects movement inside walls, helping users pinpoint the location of pests such as mice and rats. Once it has been set up, the Walabot stud finder app works on drywall. It detects water pipes, conduit, wiring, and studs. When paired with the app, the Walabot DIY offers three useful modes.

Walabot Stud Finder App Modes

Walabot Image Mode

Provides real-time images of items inside walls as the Walabot device passes over them.
Items are color-coded and labeled for easy identification, i.e. “wood stud” or “wire or pipe.”
Walabot Image Mode

Walabot Expert Mode

Expert Mode allows you to detect intersections of Pipes, Wires, Studs and more.
This mode is also a great tool to follow the path of the object, and even track movement in your wall and easily determine the location of troublesome household pests.
Walabot Expert Mode

See What’s Behind Your Walls

To get started with your project, simply pass the Walabot over your work area and locate the number of studs needed to hang your object(s) safely or complete another task.
Mark the location of the studs with a pencil, and then proceed with your project.
You’ll be able to work without worry: Once you’ve found the wall studs and determined where to place your fasteners, you can hang up those shelves or that TV with complete confidence.
There are other uses for the Walabot DIY. Thanks to its ability to eliminate guesswork, it can be used to help locate the best position to install lights and fans without damaging ceilings and walls, and it is ideal for installing network cables, too. Having the ability to locate embedded objects speeds up many home improvement tasks while helping prevent costly, unnecessary repairs caused by inaccuracy.
Walabot is budget-friendly and easy to use. Thanks to its ability to provide real-time imaging, it is ideal for contractors, electricians, plumbers, remodelers, and everyday people who want to make DIY projects easier by finding wall studs and other objects accurately.
Ready to see through walls?
Walabot Best Stud Finder

Best Stud Finder App

Tips for Using the Walabot Stud Finder App

It’s easy to use the Walabot DIY and the accompanying stud finder app. Here are some helpful pointers:
  • Read all the fine print on the app before you get started.
  • Watch the Walabot DIY tutorials and review any additional materials, such as the free DIY guides that come with the Walabot device.
  • Grab a pencil before you get started with your DIY stud finding project, so that you don’t have to stop in the middle.
  • Select “drywall” when prompted to do so.
  • Calibrate the Walabot as directed by passing it over the wall’s surface in a circular motion. The app normally takes less than 30 seconds to calibrate and will notify you when the Walabot is ready to use. Because surfaces have different features and can vary in thickness, the Walabot needs to be re-calibrated before every use. This ensures accuracy and helps make your current project a success.
  • When the Walabot is ready, start scanning your wall. Set the app to map mode and smoothly pass the unit over the wall’s surface to identify where the studs are located. The app will tell you how many studs it has detected in the area you have mapped.
  • Next, switch to images mode. This will provide you with a closer look at the stud(s) you want to work on. Toggling to raw mode will allow you to adjust the scanner’s intensity so that you can easily view the stud’s edge. When you have identified the stud’s edges, you will be able to locate its center, so that you can fasten items as securely as possible.
  • Use your pencil to make small marks when you locate the area you want to work on. You can mark hazards if you like, or you can re-check just before drilling/nailing. Remember that you can use this stud finder app to take screenshots for future reference, too.
That’s it!
You’re ready to complete your project with the help of a cutting-edge stud finder app like no other.
Walabot DIY is perfect for contractors, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and of course homeowners who want the advantages that come with advanced wall imaging.
The Walabot DIY stud finder app is compatible with iPhone 7 or higher and Android phones running v9.0 or above.
These phones must be supportive of USB On-The-Go. This app requires the Walabot DIY device to operate.
Users should only download it once they have purchased, received, and connected their Walabot DIY devices.
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