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WalabotDIY 2 Deluxe Bundle

with Expert mode

Tailor-made for advanced DIYers and professionals. 💪👷‍♂️

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Tailor-made for advanced DIYers and professionals. 💪👷‍♂️


Scan Modes:

  • ⭐ Expert Mode - Displays the raw radar data from inside drywall revealing complex overlaid, and intersecting objects and even pest infestations.
  • Images Mode – Displays graphical representations of wood studs, metal studs, and pipes/wires.


  • Locates studs, stud centers, pipes, wires & pests
  • Perfect for scanning drywall
  • Detects objects up to 4 inches / 10 centimeters deep
  • Fully compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Extended reach: Wi-Fi connectivity - work away from your phone
  • Built-in rechargeable battery - won’t drain your phone


The Walabot DIY 2 Deluxe Bundle Includes:

  • Walabot DIY 2 - With ⭐Expert Mode
  • Walabot DIY Protective Case
  • USB Type C Charging Cable