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Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor
that lets you uncover things hidden in the world around you.

All Walabot devices are created to help you uncover hidden things in the world around you. With 3D imaging sensors, they use real-time using radio frequency, rather than a camera, to see through solid surfaces and create a strong visual image of what’s inside.

Powered by Vayyar Imaging’s revolutionary 3D imaging technology, Walabot technology has been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in tailored solutions to meet specific needs ranging from breast cancer screening, water leakage detection, and food safety.

Whatever the application, the principle remains the same at its core – safe, mobile, effective, and affordable devices to help improve health, security and quality of life.

For Walabot DIY, this means seeing through walls to detect what’s behind – from pipes to metal and wooden studs, and even motion – ensuring less destructive, more cost-effective remodeling projects and renovations.

With Walabot Maker, the power is put in your hands, to use Walabot’s breakthrough imaging technology to create your own applications for whatever use you see fit. Whether you’re a tech newbie or pro, creating is made easy, limited only by your imagination.

And now, with Walabot Home launched in Q4 2018, this same incredible technology is being used to help keep people safe, with early fall detection and alerts.

Latest Developments

APRIL 2016

Walabot Ships

APRIL 2016

Walabot API goes live

Visit the API today, api.walabot.com


“Mind Boggling Technology” at CES

Vayyar, Walabot’s parent company brought sensors to CES. It showcased live demos of looking through walls
to see leaks, tracking people, fall detection and breathing analysis.

“Top 10 Tech at CES”


“Useful in a huge number of scenarios”

Tech Crunch

“Among the most Amazing Tech at CES”

San Jose Mercury News


Walabot Unveiled Publicly at Makers Faire New York

New cell phone jacket revealed, making Walabot ultra-portable and able to turn smartphones into advanced 3D imaging system.
Demo applications are shown running on Android.

Walabot at Maker Faire
2015 Maker Faire Editor’s Choice
See The World Like Never Before, at the 2015 Maker Faire
Walabot Community Projects
A New Sensor to See Through Walls, Makezine
MARCH 2015

Initial Prototype Has Arrived

Walabot is alive! Discovered it had unforeseen abilities including sensing and motion detection of both objects and people.
Continue to uncover new uses for the sensor from breathing monitoring, liquid analysis to multi-person tracking.

July 2014

Project Walabot is Born

Walabot initial concept – build a platform that makes powerful & expensive technology, cheap and accessible.
Focused on advanced imaging capabilities, that lets users see through solid objects, like walls and create 3D images.


Where do I go to get the installation?

What is Walabot?

A programmable sensor that will turn your PC into a 3D imaging system. It has a highly flexible sensor system with between 3 and 18 antennas, wideband frequency operation and on board preprocessing with USB 3.0/2.0 data interface.

Is Walabot safe to use?

Absolutely. The energy level transmitted from the array is much less than any cellular phone while it is transmitting. It is FCC and CE approved.

How can I get a Walabot development kit?

We will be giving out free development kits to community members. Sign up for our mailing list and provide feedback in Walabot Labs and you will be entered to win.

I want to design my own board, what should I do?

Walabot does not currently allow you to design your own board. Send us an e-mail if you have a unique idea that you want to discuss – [email protected]

Can I build a commercial product based on Walabot?

Makers have used Walabot to create commercial products. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to find out more details.

Which applications can be developed with Walabot?

Walabot has a broad range of capabilities, so you can develop an array of applications including target tracking, 3D imaging through solid objects, breath detection, doppler measurements for speed, and more.

Do I need to have a previous knowledge in RF/Sensor systems in order to use Walabot?

No, the Walabot DEVELOPER comes with a pre-made application to see into your walls, that anyone can use. It was created to be simple for developers to build.

I have an amazing idea for Walabot. How can I make it happen?

Walabot is growing a community of builders who want to collaborate on projects together. Reach out to us at [email protected], we can help connect you.

What is the power consumption of Walabot?

That depends on the usage profile. Using it’s battery, in the most consuming application, the device operates for up to two hours without charging.

What physical interface can I use to connect to the board?

Currently USB 2.0/3.0 is supported. In the future we may add WiFi/BT.

When will Walabot be released?

Walabot is available now in the US and EU. We will shortly be receiving regulatory approval for other geographies.

Which OS and programming language can I develop using Walabot?

Currently Windows and Linux are supported with new development platforms planned for the near future. Programming languages: Python, C/C++, C#. (Java – future release).

I’m using a different programming language – will I be able to use Walabot?

Walabot SDK provides shared libraries with defined API which can be used. In addition, binding code is provided C# (pInvoke).

What is the maximum range that Walabot can sense targets?

Up to 5 meters in open space.

What is the smallest target size that Walabot can see?

Walabot can detect changes in resolution of sub-mm. Separation between targets or between target and clutter is determined by the RF band used.

How many antennas elements can I use?

Walabot Is built with up to 18 internal antennas.

What is the frame rate of radar images?

That depends on the frequency band and the number of antenna pairs in a 3D image and it’s resolution. Typical image is ~5 frames/sec for complete 3D image for entire system (array+processing in Samsung Note-5 phone). Simple sensor acquisition can be much faster.

What is the frequency range used by the radar system?

From 3Ghz to 10Ghz depending on country regulations.

I want to develop a new application. Where should I start?

First please read the demos applications usage guide, and play with them. Then developing a new application using the sample code and the API documentation.

I need guidance in operating the dev kit. Where I get it?

Our website will shortly contain a full suite of development tools and resources along with a step by step guides for beginners and additional information for power users. We will host development tutorials sessions for additional coaching.

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