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Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that lets you uncover things hidden in the world around you.
Latest Developments
APRIL 2016
Walabot Ships
APRIL 2016
Walabot API goes live
Visit the API today, api.walabot.com
"Mind Boggling Technology" at CES
- The GrapeVine
Vayyar, Walabot's parent company brought sensors to CES. It showcased live demos of looking through walls to see leaks, tracking people, fall detection and breathing analysis.
"Top 10 Tech at CES"
"Useful in a huge number of scenarios"
Tech Crunch
"Among the most Amazing Tech at CES"
San Jose Mercury News
Walabot Unveiled Publicly at Makers Faire New York
New cell phone jacket revealed, making Walabot ultra-portable and able to turn smartphones into advanced 3D imaging system. Demo applications are shown running on Android.
2015 Maker Faire Editor's Choice
See The World Like Never Before, at the 2015 Maker Faire
A New Sensor to See Through Walls, Makezine
MARCH 2015
Initial Prototype Has Arrived
Walabot is alive! Discovered it had unforeseen abilities including sensing and motion detection of both objects and people. Continue to uncover new uses for the sensor from breathing monitoring, liquid analysis to multi-person tracking.
July 2014
Project Walabot is Born
Walabot initial concept - build a platform that makes powerful & expensive technology, cheap and accessible. Focused on advanced imaging capabilities, that lets users see through solid objects, like walls and create 3D images.
General Product
Software & Applications
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Available Now*
  • Includes Creator kit capabilities
  • Walabot Black Shell Case
  • Wider freqs. range (US)
  • High 3D resolution
  • 18 antenna array
  • Imaging API
  • Raw signal data
Works on Linux, Windows and RPI
Example apps you can develop:
  • See through objects
  • People tracking and fall detection
  • Includes Starter capabilities
  • Expanded spatial sensing abilities
  • Radar mode API for 3D target tracking and monitoring
  • 15 antenna array
  • Bare board
Works on Linux, Windows and RPI
Example apps you can develop:
  • People tracking and fall detection
  • Distance & depth measurement
  • Radar API
  • Breathing API
  • Range measurement and motion detection capabilities
  • 3 Antenna Array
  • Bare board
Works on Linux, Windows and RPI
Example apps you can develop:
  • Range measurement
  • Breathing monitoring
  • Basic directional info
*Both taxes and custom charges will be applied upon delivery.
*Releasing first in the US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, followed by other countries.