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Walabot Scan
Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that lets you uncover things hidden in the world around you.
See through solid objects
Track movements
Detect surroundings and speed
One board, many applications…

Connect Walabot

Walabot connects to your Raspberry Pi or PC
Works both on Windows and Linux
Connect Everywhere

Build anything you want

Walabot breakthrough imaging opens up a world of inventing possibilities.Creating is easy, and made for beginners through experts.

Play with our apps

Create your own

Contribute to the community

Example Applications

  • Smart Home Energy & Security Monitor

    Make your smart home even smarter. Detect people and tailor automation for them.

  • Look Through & Behind Walls

    Want to see whats hidden in the world around you? Pull back the curtain and view what is behind solid objects, detect depth, type of material and position.

  • Car and Bike Radar System

    Keep your things safer. Know what’s around you at all times and use Walabot to alert you if you are in danger.

  • People and Movement Tracker

    Track people and create custom applications that react to them.

  • Sleeping Analyzer

    Monitor breathing. Because Walabot doesn’t use a camera it can monitor safety while protecting privacy.

  • Virtual Reality Movement Tracker

    Want VR to be more immersive? Walabot can see your punches, kicks and jumps, use it to program VR games that react to your entire body, controller free.

  • Robotic Vision Enhancer

    Make your robots and drones aware of their surroundings and avoid collisions.

  • Pitching Speedometer

    Measure the speed of moving objects; a golf ball being hit, the car that just drove past you, and other moving objects.

  • 3d Imager

    Walabot can create 3D images that are accessible on smart devices and PC.

  • + many more!

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