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Whether you’re a career maker or simply enjoy a little tinkering on the side, there’s a whole lot of amazing things you can do with Walabot.
Using Raspberry Pi 3, Linux or Windows, Walabot’s programmable sensor with 3D imaging technology helps you unleash the power of radio frequency. Armed with one of our Maker Packs you can develop a wide range of programs to see through walls, track objects, monitor breathing patterns, and so much more.

Best Seller

Walabot Developer Pack

Walabot Developer Device


  • 18 antenna array
  • Walabot black shell case

Try risk free - 30 day money back guarantee.

Best Seller

Walabot Creator Pack

Walabot Creator Device



  • 15 antenna array
  • Bare board

Try risk free - 30 day money back guarantee.

Best Seller

Walabot Starter Pack

Walabot Starter Device


  • 3 antenna array
  • Bare board

Try risk free - 30 day money back guarantee.

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Technical Specification

Features Walabot Developer Pack Walabot Creator Pack Walabot Starter Pack
Number of antennas 18 15 3
Radar API
Breathing API
Range measurement
Motion detection
High 3D resolution X
Imaging API X
Raw signal data X X
Walabot black shell case X X

Community Projects


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Windows SDK Installation

Windows Installer

Includes an API tutorial application and sample code.

Linux SDK Installation

Linux Installer

Includes an API tutorial application and sample code.

RaspberryPi 3 Installation

RaspberryPi 3 Installer

Includes an SDK API library, and sample codes.

Walabot for Universities

Top engineering programs and labs all over the world are using Walabot devices for research and instruction. Contact our team to find out more. We can help with any inquiry that you may have, from technical questions to purchasing and fulfillment.

Walabot for Universities


1. Which programming languages are supported?

The Walabot SDK supports C++ and Python. Wrappers for other languages can be built around our DLL and SO files.

2. Where can I get the SDK?

The SDK can be found here.

3. How do I run the demo application?

To run the demo application on Windows, install the SDK. The ‘WalabotAPItutorial’ will then appear on your desktop. After the tutorial, you will be able to run the demo. On Linux and Raspberry Pi, you can compile and run the example code in ‘/usr/share/doc/walabot/examples’.

4. What is in the SDK installation?

Windows installation includes the API, demo application, sample code for C++ and Python sample code. Linux installation includes the API and samples code in C++ and Python.

5. I got my Walabot, how do I get started?

The first step is to look through the API documentation in the Getting started section. You can find it here.

6. What is the range of the Walabot?

The range will vary according to the environment in which the Walabot is operating. In the air, the range is from 5cm (2 in) to 4m (13ft).

7. What is the resolution of the Walabot?

The Walabot has a radial resolution of 2° which translates to about 1cm (0.4in) close to the Walabot and up to 20cm (8in) as the targets get further from the Walabot.

8. How does the Walabot work?

The Walabot transmits radio pulses at different frequencies from its antenna array. The signals returned, from objects in the environment are received and aggregated to form a synthetic image.

9. Do you offer support?

Walabot will assist with API troubleshooting. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

10. What if I want to develop a product based on the Walabot?

Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

11. Where can I find example codes?

You can find examples on Hackster and Github. The SDK comes with example codes including the open source license. The open source license can be found here:

12. Can I buy the chip?

Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

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