How Our Fall Detection System Works

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    Automatically detects falls

    Walabot HOME analyzes the environment using advanced sensor technology and quickly detects if you have fallen.

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    Calls your emergency contact

    A two-way voice call is activated so you can speak with your emergency contact, and tell them what has happened.

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    Receive immediate help"

    Walabot HOME is unique in that even if you are unconscious, it alerts your caregiver so you can immediately get help.

Why Walabot HOME is so different

Walabot HOME is accurate, automated and completely discreet.

Install Walabot HOME and it will automatically learn your home environment for accurate fall detection.

Walabot HOME is the next generation fall detection solution.Reliable and accurate, it starts by learning your surroundings, then Walabot continuously monitors using the world’s most advanced radio frequency sensor technology to ensure it reacts to you falling.

If you fall, Walabot HOME will trigger an alarm that alerts your emergency contact

Completely unique in the fall monitoring field, Walabot HOME requires no wearables, no camera, and no button that needs to be pushed to indicate an emergencyIn the event of a fall, your emergency contact is automatically notified through a two-way voice call (and a text message), activated through the speakerphone on the device. If your caregiver is busy, Walabot HOME will trigger a round robin calling service to 2 other contacts will begin. If you are okay, you can stand up and disable the alarm at any time.

Speak directly with your emergency contact of choice to get the help you need

Instead of dialing emergency services or a company operator, you can speak directly with someone you know and trust to assess the situation – saving on costly ambulance expenses and unnecessary hospital trips. You can also push the button on the touchscreen to make a two-way voice call whenever you need. If you are unable to reach the button, you can lay on the floor to activate the alarm.

Peace of mind for your home and loved ones

Powered by the world's most advanced fall alert system

4 inch LED touch display

Ultra wide band 4D radar

21 wide band embedded

Machine learning based

2 way speaker and receiver unit with Android OS

Hang Walabot HOME on the bathroom wall and let the technology do the rest

Walabot HOME uses unique radio frequency sensor technology to monitor for situations that indicate a fall. By analyzing a range of elements together in real time Walabot HOME is able to delivers 4 times more accuracy than other automatic fall alert systems.

Walabot HOME sensors instantly identify when someone enters the room so it can actively monitor their safety

Detects your presence in the room

It can differentiate between different body positions and tell if someone is sitting, standing, or has fallen

Identifies their body position

It can measure the speed of a fall, to alert for falls that happen quickly and also for ones that are slower

Recognizes if a fall has occured

It will even get help for people who are unconscious and unable to speak

Alerts your emergency contact

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Do you need a fall detection device?

Find out if Walabot HOME is right for you

  • Are you over the age of 65?
  • Is staying in your own home important to you?
  • Are family members worried about you?
  • Have you had recent health problems?
  • Is privacy something that is important to you when it comes to fall monitoring?
  • Do you have trouble remembering to put on a wearable device?
  • Do you find wearable monitoring devices awkward or ugly?
  • Does the idea of automated fall monitoring appeal to you?
  • Do you want to be able to choose who is alerted in case of a fall?

If you answered yes to more than 6 of these questions, then Walabot HOME is right for you!

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