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Walabot HOME uses cutting-edge, smart sensor technology developed by our incredible engineers, to help keep people safe with early fall detection and alerts. But we don’t stop there. Our team and lab are always working on the next-generation of home safety sensors, to further improve your health, security, and lifestyle.

Most advanced monitoring technology on the market

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You’re in good hands with world-renowned Walabot HOME technology. Developed by Vayyar Imaging, a leading-edge tech company trusted by millions of people to deliver exceptional performance in health and safety applications across the globe.

Reliable, proven performance

Walabot HOME uses safe, mobile, 3D imaging sensors proven in use around the world for breast cancer screening, water leakage detection, automobile safety, and more. With Walabot HOME, this same incredible technology is now being leveraged to help keep people safe, with early fall detection and alerts.


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What is Walabot HOME?

Walabot HOME is a wall-mounted safety device that detects falls automatically. It can automatically tell if someone has fallen by analyzing the entire room space using radio frequency sensor technology. No cameras, pendants or bracelets are required. In the event of a fall, your emergency contact is notified through a two-way voice call, so they can get you the help you need.

Who can benefit from Walabot HOME?

Walabot HOME can be used by anyone. It is, however, particularly useful to people who might be prone to falling, due to illness or advanced age, especially those living alone.

What are the advantages of choosing Walabot HOME over other fall monitoring devices?

Walabot HOME is different from any other fall monitoring device on the market. For starters, there are no wearables bogging you down (necklaces, watches, etc.) and no button that needs to be pushed to indicate an emergency. It also has no camera and therefore maintains your privacy during the monitoring process.
Furthermore, knowing that time is of the essence, once a fall has been detected, Walabot HOME quickly calls your emergency contact on your behalf, enabling efficient two-way voice communication through the device itself – so they can get the help the you need.

What is included in the Walabot HOME package?

The box containing your Walabot HOME includes one Walabot HOME device, one power adapter, four double-sided adhesive strips, and one Walabot HOME user guide. We sell bundle units and each device comes in its own box.

What does the Walabot HOME device look like?

The Walabot HOME device is a 7 x 7-inch white plastic square with an AC power adapter for electricity. In the center is a touchscreen which shows you that the device is monitoring. All user functions are carried out through this touchscreen.

What happens if I fall?

When a fall is detected, the LED light on the right side of the screen of your Walabot HOME device will flash blue. The device will then announce in a clear voice that a fall has been detected and that a phone call will be placed to your list of emergency contacts. At the same time, your primary caregiver will receive an SMS notifying them that a fall has occurred.

If you do not cancel the alarm at this time, your emergency contact will be called, establishing two-way voice communication through the Walabot HOME device itself. You will then be able to speak to and hear your emergency contact through the device’s speakers. This entire process, from the time you have fallen until the time your emergency contact is reached, is approximately two minutes.

What are the technical requirements for running Walabot HOME?

Walabot HOME must be mounted on the wall, in the center of your room in plain sight, 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the ground. It should not be hung near metal (shelving or otherwise).

In order for the device to function, it needs an electrical outlet within reach and a WiFi connection in the room. Without both electricity and WiFi, the device will not work.

Please note: Your emergency contacts designated during the installation process will also need to download the free Walabot HOME App in order to enable two-way communication in the event of a fall.

At what distance can a fall be detected?

A fall can be detected at a range of up to 12 feet (4 meters) in front of the device and within 8 feet (2.5  meters) on either side of the device.

Is Walabot HOME for the whole home? Will it detect falls outside the bathroom?

Walabot HOME is designed to monitor rooms that are up to 12 feet X 16 feet (4 meters X 5 meters) in size. A single device can only monitor this specific area and not an entire home or any area outside of the room. If your room is larger than this size, the device needs to be placed in the area most critical for monitoring.

Can the device recognize which specific person has fallen?

Walabot HOME cannot specifically detect which person has fallen.

Can more than one person be protected by Walabot HOME at a single location?

Walabot HOME can detect the fall of any one person who is alone in the room. If more than one person is in the room at the same time, the device cannot ensure that a fall will be detected.

How long does it take to trigger an alarm in the event of a fall?

Once a fall has occurred, in order to give you time to respond in case of a false alarm, there will be a delay of up to two minutes before an alarm is triggered. During this time, you can cancel the alarm by either standing up or tapping the ‘Cancel Alarm’ button on the device’s screen.

What if I need help, do you offer support?

Please contact [email protected] or send a message through the Walabot HOME App.

Where does Walabot HOME work?

Walabot HOME can work in any room within an area of 12×16 feet. It is most commonly placed in bathrooms. With so many falls happening in the bathroom-often with more serious injuries and potentially fatal results-it is the most dangerous room in the house and where you need protection the most.

How does Walabot HOME work?

Walabot Home uses smart motion sensing technology (based on radio wave signals rather than cameras) to monitor the room continuously in case of a fall. Once installed on the  wall, it can automatically detect if someone has fallen by analyzing the entire room.

If a fall is detected, the device will give you time (up to two minutes) to stand back up, if you are able. If during this time you do not cancel the alarm, Walabot HOME will automatically call your emergency contacts, enabling two-way voice communication through the speakers in the device – so you can get the help you need.

How is Walabot HOME installed?

Walabot HOME needs to be mounted and installed in the room you intend to monitor. The device should be placed at a height of 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the ground, using the 4 adhesive strips provided in the box.

The device needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and in clear view of the room (not behind anything). When installing in a bathroom, it should not be installed inside the bath or over the bathtub.

After the Walabot HOME is mounted and plugged into an electrical outlet, the prompts on the device’s touchscreen will ask you to connect your device to WiFi, pair the device with your emergency contact’s mobile phone, set the perimeter of the room, and perform a test run.

It is highly recommended to watch our short Walabot HOME installation video before getting started.

If I install multiple devices in the house, can I use multiple devices to connect to a single Companion App?

While multiple devices can be paired with the same primary contact’s account, apart from that, each device operates on its own. notice that adding a list of caregivers in the companion App will be shared among all your devices at home.

I don’t have a good spot for the device on the wall. Can I place it on a shelf or on the sink and have it lean against the wall?

It is crucial for Walabot HOME to be mounted on a wall and at the correct height of 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the floor. The device should not be placed on shelves or any other surface in the room.

Will the adhesive strips work on all surfaces?

The adhesive strips included with your Walabot HOME device will work on any surface in the bathroom. However, it is not recommended to use them on wallpaper, as they might fall off or damage the wallpaper.

For optimal performance, it is important to clean the wall’s surface with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth and let the wall dry before adhering the strips.

Can my Walabot HOME be moved to a different room?

The device can be easily dismounted and transported from one room to another. The change will require new adhesive strips for the new wall, and you will need to initiate a recalibration of the new room. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the settings icon appearing on the top right corner of the home screen -> clicking on “Advanced Settings” -> clicking on “Redo Room Calibration”.

How can I take the Walabot HOME off my wall without damaging it?

To remove the device from your wall, the tabs of the adhesive strips need to be carefully pulled and stretched in a gentle motion, parallel to the wall and straight up. The strips will come off easily and leave no residue. It’s a simple process, but you should be very cautious, as the strips can snap out when they’re removed.

What if there is no WiFi in the room?

WiFi is an essential component of the device’s ability to function. Without WiFi, Walabot HOME will not work. If you have WiFi in your home, you should be able to connect the device to your home network. If you have more than one network, choose the one with the strongest signal.

If WiFi connection is lost will the device still monitor?

The device must be connected to WiFi in order to monitor. If WiFi connection is lost, the device will not be able to monitor.

What happens if I unplug it?

Electricity is an essential component of the device’s ability to function. If the device is unplugged, it will not work and will not be able to detect falls at all.

Does the device have a backup battery source? What would happen in case of a blackout?

No, Walabot HOME does not have a backup battery source. In case of a blackout, the device will not work.

Is Walabot HOME waterproof?

While Walabot HOME can endure humid conditions, it is not waterproof. Make sure to keep the device on the wall and do not let it fall into the sink, toilet, or bathtub.

Can a fall be detected through a shower curtain or glass?

Yes, a fall can be detected through a shower curtain or glass.

Can a fall be detected in the dark or through steam?

Yes, a fall can be detected in the dark and through steam.

Will the device fall off the wall due to humidity or its own weight?

Walabot HOME is designed to be supported by the adhesive strips it comes with. If the device is affixed and mounted properly, it should not be affected by humidity or its own weight.

How do I calibrate Walabot HOME?

Calibration is done during the setup process. The audio instructions will prompt you to walk around the room in order for the device to learn your specific room. The room calibration contributes to the accuracy of the device’s ability to detect a fall.

What happens if the room is not calibrated properly?

The device can only begin monitoring once the calibration is complete. If the calibration is not done according to the audio instructions, this may result in either false alarms or failure to detect falls.

Can I test the device to ensure it’s working?

Yes! It is highly recommended that you test your Walabot HOME after completing the installation process.

How do I test the Walabot HOME?

You can perform a test fall by pressing the “test fall” icon that appears at the top of the home screen and following the audio instructions.
There is also an option to make a test call to your emergency contact from the device by pressing the “test call” icon that appears at the top of the home screen. This will call the designated emergency contact to ensure that two-way communication is established successfully.

How will I know that my Walabot HOME is working?

After successful installation, you will see the home screen which has a digital clock and will read “Monitoring”. This indicates that your Walabot HOME is connected and working properly.

Can there be more than one device in a room?

One Walabot HOME device is sufficient to cover a 12 X 16 foot area in its entirety. If the room size is bigger than 12 X 16 feet, the device should be hung in the area of the room in which the user needs coverage most.
In case the room size is bigger than 12 X 16 feet and you have multiple devices, an additional device can be placed in the room in order to cover the entire area.

What is the learning mode used for?

The automatic learning mode enables the device to learn its environment to maximize accuracy within a 48-hour period following installation. During this period, while the system will not detect a fall, you can still perform a test fall and call your emergency contact at any time. At the end of the learning period, the system will automatically start monitoring and notify your emergency contact in the case of a fall.

If I experience false alarms, what should I do?

If you experience any technical difficulties at any point in time, please contact us at [email protected]

In addition, the device’s learning mode can be reactivated. By doing so, the device will be temporarily placed in a state in which it will relearn the environment for the next 48 hours. During this time, it will not detect falls.

What is the purpose of the button on the Walabot HOME?

The button’s function is to cancel an alarm and to signify when a fall is detected by lighting up blue.

Will lying in a bathtub trigger an alarm?

Yes, lying in a bathtub will trigger an alarm. Since the device is meant to detect falls in the shower or bathtub, it will not distinguish between a person taking a bath and a person who has fallen in the bathtub.

If I pick up something from the floor will the alarm go off?

The alarm will not be triggered if you pick up something from the floor, as the sensors will recognize that you have quickly stood up again after bending down.

Can I cancel the alarm if everything is ok?

Yes. The alarm can be cancelled if everything is okay. Just stand up or click the ‘Cancel Alarm’ button on the Walabot HOME device’s touchscreen.

Why does Walabot HOME ask for feedback when I cancel an alarm?

If you cancel an alarm for whatever reason, the feedback form automatically pops up on the screen. While you can ignore it, it is recommended to respond so that we can learn what went wrong and better serve you in the long-run.

Will Walabot HOME work with pets in the home?

While pets can be in the house while the device is monitoring, pets walking around the room can trigger a false alarm.

Can the device be synced with Amazon Echo/Alexa?

Currently, Walabot HOME cannot be synced with other devices.

Does the device use x-rays or any other type of harmful ionizing radiation?

Walabot HOME does not use x-rays or any other type of ionizing radiation. It uses radio frequency which is non-ionizing and safe to have around on a daily basis.

What band of the electromagnetic spectrum does the device utilize?

The Walabot HOME uses very low-power radio waves, in the frequency band of 6-8.5 GHz.
The transmit power is weaker than that of a Bluetooth headset and a hundred times weaker than that of a WiFi router.

Has the device been certified by the FDA?

The device is safe and conforms with all the requirements of FCC, and it does not require FDA certification.

Is there a problem with pacemakers when using the device?

The effect of Walabot HOME on pacemakers is negligible as the radio signals are less than one percent of a signal from a cell phone. Moreover, Walabot HOME operates at higher frequencies, meaning the penetration depth of its signal into the body is shallower than that of a cell phone signal (i.e. the waves enter the human body at a much shallower level than cell phone waves).

Can the device detect heart attacks or other medical conditions?

No, Walabot HOME cannot detect heart attacks or other medical conditions. However, if such conditions result in a fall, the device will detect the fall.

Can Walabot HOME see through walls?

Unlike the Walabot DIY, this device was not built to see through walls.

I live in a rural area. Can the device still work there?

So long as there is WiFi and an electrical source, Walabot HOME can work anywhere.

Who are the emergency contacts and how are they chosen?

The emergency contact will receive a call from the Walabot HOME in case of a fall. You can choose anyone you want to serve as your primary caregiver and additional emergency contacts. Your primary caregiver will  need to download the free Walabot HOME App, so their phone can be paired to your Walabot HOME during the installation process.

While it is not essential, it is best to have your emergency contact on-hand during the installation process, so you can be sure your devices are properly paired.

The primary caregiver can then set up a list of additional four emergency contacts who can receive a call in the event that the primary caregiver is not available.

What is device pairing and how do I do it?

Device pairing connects the Walabot HOME with your emergency contact’s mobile phone.
Upon installation, the onscreen menu will prompt you to enter your emergency contact’s phone number.

Once you’ve entered your emergency contact’s phone number on the Walabot HOME device, your emergency contact will receive a text message with a link and a pairing code. The link allows your emergency contact to install the free Walabot HOME App on their phone and create an account.

Once the account is created and verified, your emergency contact can enter the pairing code. They can also enter a name for the Walabot HOME device (usually the name of the person being monitored), so they’ll know who’s calling (and why) in the event of a fall.

How long will it take to call my emergency contact?

From the time of a fall until the time your emergency contact is called, there will be a short time delay. This can be up to two minutes.

If I fall, what kind of emergency help do I get? Who will know I have an emergency?

If you fall, Walabot HOME will call only the emergency contacts that you defined during the installation process. It will not connect to a monitoring center nor can it be used to call 911 or any other emergency service. It is up to your emergency contacts to provide the necessary assistance.

I’d like to add multiple emergency contacts. Can I have more than one emergency contact?

In the event of a fall, the device can call up to four emergency contacts, defined in the Walabot HOME companion App. The calling numbers (landline or mobile) and calling priority is defined in the App. In case the emergency contacts are not defined, the device will make a call to the primary caregiver who owns the Companion App. Note that only the primary caregiver who is paired with the device is required to download the Companion App. The other caregivers do not need to use the App.

A single device can have up to four emergency contacts. One primary caregiver is defined upon installation as a default emergency contact, and in the event of a fall, if the primary caregiver is unable to answer his/her phone, the device will go on to call the other emergency contacts.

How can I add additional emergency contacts?

The primary caregiver who has paired with the device upon installation can add multiple contacts in the Walabot HOME phone app.

What kind of phone does the emergency contact need?

Walabot HOME works with any Android or iOS phone. Your emergency contact will need to download the free Walabot HOME App from either the App Store or Google Play Store in order to receive automatic notifications in case of a fall and establish communication with you.

Can Walabot HOME work with a land line?

Currently, Walabot HOME can call a land line defined as one of four emergency contacts.

How do I change my emergency contact?

The emergency contact list can be changed in the Companion App by clicking on the ‘Caregivers tab’ icon which appears on bottom of  the home screen. To change the primary caregiver to, go to “Settings” in the top right corner–>clicking on ‘My Caregiver’ -> ‘Caregiver Name’ -> ‘Unpair Device’. Once this is done, a new primary contact needs to be added in the same way that was done during the initial installation process in order for the device to return to monitoring mode.

How much does Walabot HOME cost?
The Walabot HOME is a low cost, competitively priced solution that provides an answer to your in-home fall protection needs. We offer a variety of packages at different price points.
For further information, call us at 1-800-834-1590 or email us at [email protected].
What payment methods can I use?

Purchases can be made via credit card.

How fast will I receive my Walabot HOME shipment?

Walabot HOME ships within 5 days of purchase and can take 5-7 business days once shipped. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking link to the email address you provided during checkout.

What is the Walabot HOME refund policy?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day your Walabot HOME is purchased.
You can view the full policy here.

Does the device have a warranty?

Walabot HOME has a 6 month warranty. You can view our full policy here.

Do I need to sign a contract?

During the setup process, you will be asked to read through and agree to an End-User License Agreement.

Is purchase of a Walabot HOME device covered by insurance?

At this point, the purchase of a Walabot HOME device is not covered by insurance.

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