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Our engineers have the experience and the drive to get amazing things done

Dedicated to your health and well-being

We’re proud to bring you the first fall detection device of its kind

Always innovating, always improving

Walabot HOME uses cutting-edge, smart sensor technology developed by our incredible engineers, to help keep people safe with early fall detection and alerts. But we don’t stop there. Our team and lab are always working on the next-generation of home safety sensors, to further improve your health, security, and lifestyle.

Most advanced monitoring technology on the market

You’re in good hands with world-renowned Walabot HOME technology. Developed by Vayyar Imaging, a leading-edge tech company trusted by millions of people to deliver exceptional performance in health and safety applications across the globe.

Reliable, proven performance

Walabot HOME uses safe, mobile, 3D imaging sensors proven in use around the world for breast cancer screening, water leakage detection, automobile safety, and more. With Walabot HOME, this same incredible technology is now being leveraged to help keep people safe, with early fall detection and alerts.


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