Say goodbye to DIY disasters with this tool!


Drilling carelessly into the wall can end in disaster. If you accidentally hit a wire or pipe, it can cause serious damage, injury or even a fire. With Walabot DIY Plus you can SEE what's inside your walls to avoid unpleasant surprises. NO MORE GUESSING!

by Walabot DIY

Another important factor is the stud center. If you hit the edge of a stud instead of the middle, your heavyweight goods are in danger! The screw might slip out from the stud, causing hanging objects to fall. The stud itself will lose sturdiness as a result.

In addition, drilling into walls without the right hardware can damage the house infrastructure and weaken it over time.

Meet Walabot DIY - the only stud finder that actually lets you SEE, instead of guess!

Works on drywall and lath & plaster.

Sees movement inside the walls.

Locates the stud's center.

Detects and differentiates between wooden studs, metal studs, pipes and wires.

Features 2 different modes: Images and Expert

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