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WalabotDIY Plus X

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Walabot DIY Plus X is designed exclusively for use with Android devices. Here’s a quick drilldown into what it does:

  • NEW: Fast start scanning feature
  • NEW: Enhanced user experience
  • NEW: Redesigned product casing
  • Identifies the location of pipes, wires, metal and wooden studs (and stud centers) as well as pests moving inside your walls.
  • Works on the following wall types:
    • Lath & plaster walls for detecting wooden studs
    • Drywall
  • Detects four inches/ten centimeters deep inside the wall
  • Provides dual sensing modes: Images mode shows you a visual representation of what’s inside your wall and labels each identified object, while Expert mode shows you the raw data.

It comes complete with:

  • Two cables: Type-C and Micro-USB
  • Adhesive gel pad
  • Quick start manual

The Walabot DIY Plus X works with Android phones running Android 9.0 and above.