Tutorial 1

Get to Know Your Walls

tutorial length - 6.5 minutes


Overview of the walabot diy

Find out what the Walabot DIY is for, what materials it detects, and how it's able to see through walls! Plus, we'll give you a quick walk-through of how to get started:

  • Install the app.
  • Attach the Walabot DIY to your phone.
  • Begin seeing through walls.

Wall Calibration

how to calibrate your walabot diy

You'll need to calibrate your Walabot DIY to the specific wall you'll be working on:

  • Place the Walabot DIY firmly against the wall and push 'Calibrate'.
  • Press 'Start Scan' and move the device in a circular or figure-eight motion, covering at least 16-inches for the best results.
  • Once Walabot DIY familiarizes itself with your wall it can look through it to see studs, pipes, wires, and more.
  • Remember to repeat this process if you switch to a new wall.

Walabot Images mode

clearly identify hidden objects

  • Images Mode gives you a clear graphic representation of what objects are behind your wall.
  • Select 'Images Mode' and move the Walabot DIY slowly and firmly along the wall.
  • On your phone's screen, you'll see any metal studs, wooden studs, pipes, or wires that are found.
  • If the pipe or wire is difficult to follow or decipher, or you want to find the center of a stud, this is the time to switch to Expert Mode for a more detailed view.

Walabot Expert mode

raw data from the walabot diy sensor

  • Expert Mode lets you find intersections of wires or pipes, follow the path of pipes or wires, and even track movement in your wall.
  • To begin, press 'Expert Mode', place the Walabot DIY on your wall, and move it slowly over the desired area.
  • Start with the intensity at 80%. If you see all red, lower the intensity until you see a defined vertical or horizontal shape.
  • It takes some time to learn and follow, but Expert Mode will give you the most accurate view of what's behind your wall.