See Studs, Pipes and Wires Behind Your Walls

See Studs Pipes and Wires Behind Your Wall
Walabot metal stud finder app

Walabot DIY Wall Scanner

  • Detects wood & metal studs.
  • Finds electrical wires & cable.
  • Sees PVC & metal pipes inside your walls.
  • Scans up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) deep into your walls.
  • Uses cutting-edge radar technology to see inside drywall & concrete walls.
  • Maps large wall areas & save the images for later analysis of what's inside your walls.
  • Works with Android phones running Android 6.0 and above with USB on-the-go (OTG).
  • For optimal performance, use with Android 7 (and above), purchased in the last two years.
  • Not compatible with iPhone devices.
Walabot DIY stud finder app android only Walabot DIY stud finder app For Android Phones

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Walabot DIY Products

Walabot DIY

Walabot DIY Stud Finder Walabot stud finder app for android stud finder for walls


  • Walabot DIY device

  • 1 Gel pad

  • 1 Protective film

  • 1 Micro USB OTG cable

  • 1 Type C OTG cable

Deluxe Bundle


  • Walabot DIY device

  • Protective case

  • 4 Gel pad

  • 4 Protective film

  • 2 Micro USB OTG cable

  • 2 Type C OTG cable

Case & Accessories


  • Protective case

  • 3 Gel pads

  • 3 Protective films

  • 1 Micro USB OTG cable

  • 1 Type C OTG cable

Revolutionary wall scanner to see inside concrete and drywall

Walabot DIY Stud Finder | pipe locator

Plastic & PVC

Detect both plastic & PVC pipes.

Walabot DIY Stud Finder | Metal Detector


Track metal objects such as studs, pipes & beams.

Walabot DIY Stud Finder | drywall Insulation


See also through wall insulation.

Walabot DIY Stud Finder | wood tools


Find wooden studs and beams.

Walabot DIY Stud Finder | Cables detector and wire finder


See electrical wires hidden in the wall.

Is Walabot DIY the right tool for me?

Walabot DIY wall scanner is the most popular and valuable solution for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, homeowners and anyone who wants to see inside walls to understand what is hidden behind the wall before drilling, hammering or breaking a wall. Walabot DIY has received positive attention from media outlets such as The New York Times, BBC News, Fox and more.

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How does Walabot DIY work?

Walabot metal stud finder app
As long as you have an Android smartphone and Walabot DIY wall scanner, our app can be used by anyone who wants to see how to find wall studs , how far apart are wall studs & see the distance between wall studs. Walabot DIY is also perfect for DIYers & anyone who want’s to hand-drill, saw or hammer and avoid hitting an electrical wire or bursting a water pipe in the wall.

Step 1: Pan Mode

Get a panoramic view of a full wall line including the distances between objects. Pan mode will show a scan of objects within the wall and approximately where they are located. Pan mode facilitates a quick overview of where studs are placed in the wall.

Walabot DIY | Stud finder for wall mounting tv hiding wires

Step 2: Image Mode

Get visual classification of studs, pipes and more. Walabot DIY technology will analyze the radio frequency reflections and then show images which are identified by type according to the results. Walabot DIY can identify wooden studs, metal studs, pipes and wires.

Walabot DIY | wood stud finder

Step 3: Expert Mode

See the raw signals the Walabot DIY wall scanner detects. Expert mode gives a direct view of the unfiltered RF signals which can show object location in more detail, curves in pipes and wires, the intersection between two objects, movement in real time and can be used to confirm objects found in Pan and Image mode.

Walabot DIY | Expert Mode

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