Here is how you can Keep your Parents Safe in their Bathroom

As we age, so do our parents. It’s the cycle of life.

Suddenly we’re at the very age we were when we first remember mom and dad. It can make you feel kind of old yourself, but it also means your parents have gotten older too. This adds many new dynamics to your relationship with them. One of the most significant shifts, of course, is who’s worrying for who these days?

Even if they’re the youngest of seniors and very active and healthy, their bodies are changing, as is their resilience. With their vision, mobility and balance declining, they’re simply more prone to falling. And if they do, the consequences are more serious than ever.
We need to do what we can to keep them safe, while keeping them in their own home. You can try to spend as much time with them as possible, but like your own parents when you were a child, you can’t be with them every moment of the day. That means you need to both remove obstacles in their way and put safeguards in place to ensure their wellbeing.

Hidden dangers in the bathroom

For everyone, young and old, the bathroom is a dangerous room. If you think about it, it has tons of problems built-in. There are wet slippery floors, piles of towels, and loose mats and rugs. There’s also hot water that can lead to scalding, steam that can cause light-headedness, closed eyes when shampooing, and quite a bit of bending when it comes to the toilet and shower.
In the bathroom, you’re also at your most vulnerable, often naked and engaging in activities in which you want privacy. That means even if your parents needed assistance, they might be hesitant to ask.

If you think about it, it has tons of problems built-in. There are wet slippery floors, piles of towels, and loose mats and rugs.

Ways to improve bathroom safety

To help avoid accidents there are a number of things you can do to improve the safety of your parents’ bathroom. For example:

  1. You can add a grab bar to the wall beside the toilet, to help them sit down and get back up, with a little support.
  2. Replace the towel rack with a grab bar, giving it multi-purpose. Now if mom or dad grab the towel rack for balance, it won’t come off the wall.
  3. In the bathtub or shower, make sure there’s a non-slip mat in place to help prevent falls.
  4. Similarly, if your parents’ bathroom floor is made from ceramic tile or marble, you may consider having it redone with vinyl or some other non-slip material.
  5. If you’re interested in doing a more complete renovation, it’s recommended to replace any furnishings with sharp corners (like counter tops or cabinet doors) with furnishings featuring rounded edges.
  6. You may also consider getting rid of the tub. Many senior care professionals recommend eliminating the bath, and replacing it with a larger walk-in shower that has a stool and doesn’t require stepping over the side.
All of these adjustments are great for improving seniors’ safety in the bathroom. Hopefully they’ll be able to prevent a fall. And while they may minimize injury if one does occur, what these changes cannot do is summon help in the event of a fall.

Two-way voice communication between the device and your emergency contact is key.

Automatic fall detection at your service

Nobody wants cameras in their bathroom, but there is a way to keep watch, automatically and privately. Walabot HOME.
Completely unique in the fall monitoring field, Walabot HOME is a wall-mounted device that uses smart motion sensors based on radio frequency technology to monitor safety. Once installed, it can automatically tell if someone has fallen by analyzing the entire bathroom space. In other words, it can see what happened, without a camera or other invasive imagery.
One of the things users like best is that it requires no wearable like a bracelet or a pendant. Once you set it up for mom or dad in the bathroom, all you have to do is download the free Walabot HOME app to your mobile phone, and pair your devices. This will connect you to the device as their emergency contact in case of a fall (or if they prefer they can choose someone else).
In the event of a fall, you will be notified within minutes through a two-way voice call, as well as an SMS. This way you can determine what happened and get them the help they need, whether it’s calling an ambulance, or simply popping by their place to help them up.

Designed for use by real people – Like Mom and Dad!

Thanks to its ease-of-use and comfort, Walabot HOME is the ultimate solution for keeping your parents safe. Hung on the wall, with zero effort required on their part, it’s so unobtrusive, they can’t possibly object. In fact, it basically looks like a touchscreen clock, so they’ll barely even notice it’s there. But you’ll know it is. And that peace-of-mind makes a huge difference, removing a big worry from your mind, and helping your parents age in place with comfort and dignity.

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