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WalaBeer Tank

The tank that will follow you and serve you beer. Coolness is over 9000!

Alexa, Turn On THIS Lamp: Smart 3D Sensor for Amazon Echo

Do you always forget the name of the device to turn on? Use Walabot to determine location and identify the device to control.

Saving Aquatic Life & Fighting Water Pollution with IoT & AI

Industries directly dump chemicals & waste into the rivers and oceans. The price of which is paid by aquatic life and people living nearby.

People and Fall Detection with Walabot

A system for detecting up to 5 stationary people simultaneously and determining if someone has fallen.

Walabot Swimming Pool Safety With Alexa Integration

Walabot placed underwater for safety in swimming pools by our relative position with the depth of the pool warns the situation using Alexa.

Walabot and Mobile App Controlled 3D-Printed Cars

Drive some awesome 3D-printed cars with a Walabot and mobile app!

WalaBreathe - A Wireless Breath To Speech Assistive Device

WalaBreathe is a completely wireless assistive device for paraplegics that converts their breath into audible speech built on Python.

Laundry Basket Scanner

Walabot keeps a close eye on the laundry basket to let you know how quickly it is filling and how many light and dark loads there are.

Walabot Sleep Tracker

Track your sleep accurately without the discomfort of a wristband or electrode wires.

Testing the Viability of Walabot for Breathing Detection

By comparing the Walabot as a breathing detector to a known gold standard, it's viability as a wireless breathing detector can be shown.

Alexa to Walabot Mess-o-Meter: Are We a GO for Ice Cream!

Gamify "keep your room clean" by linking dessert and outsource inspection to Walabot and Alexa to judge if "ice cream is unlocked" tonight.

Inspection Drone with Walabot Capability

Building a high capability drone for commercial inspection work with Walabot Pro enables inspections behind walls and safety radar.

Fire Fury

Helping firefighters save the most people.

Walabot Sleep Quality Tracker

Track breathing during sleep using AI as an early detection system for sleep apnea and other sleep breathing disorders.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection - TensorFlow

Real-time hazard classification and tracking with TensorFlow. Sensor fusion with radar to filter for false positives.

Walabot AI Deadbolt

Using AI to train face recognition through UP2 board, Intel Movidius NCS, and Walabot radar to add extra security.

Walaarm: Walabot-Powered Robotic Arm

A robotic arm which can pick an object from any random location.

Alexa: Are the Kids Up?

An Alexa app that tells you if your kids are up by using Walabot to uncreeply track them, then possibly wake them up or tell them to sleep.

Home Monitoring And Alerts For The Blind

This project is for the assistance of blind and hard of seeing enabling them to find their way with alerts and voice directions.

Walabot Object Detection

A PC application that talks to the Walabot PRO, Arduino and NeoPixels!

Scout Robot Car

A proof of concept robot car that can be used for basic scenario scouting.

Vehicle Rear Vision

Vehicle Rear Vision for older cars.

WalabotEye - Object Tracker with Haptic Feedback

For the hard of sight, use this to have a better understanding of the world around you.

See Through Buildings With a Drone

A drone that displays where people or things are located using different colors based on density.

Walabot FX - Guitar Effect Control

Control your favourite guitar effect using nothing but awesome guitar poses.

Nurse Presence Detection

Detect if people enter a room and if a nurse is presence in that room. An ideal solution for healthcare and security situations.

Walabot Controlled Centralized Cooling System

Controlling the required cooling in separate rooms on big buildings and offices by analyzing the number of human occupancy in the room.

Alexa / Walabot Controlled Smart 3D Printer

An Alexa and Walabot controlled smart 3D printer.

Traffic Control with Walabot

Smart traffic control for more livable cities.


Battleship sails into the modern world of electronic games through player interaction with the Amazon Echo and Walabot 3D imaging sensor.

Tracking TV Stand

The Tracking TV Stand uses a Walabot to angle a monitor in the optimal angle for viewing depending on the audience in the field of view.

Breathing and Company Helper (BACH)

Check in on a loved one instantly and have fun!

Baby Monitor with Walabot

Monitor your baby with the help of Walabot and Raspberry Pi.

Toilet Tracker (Powered by Walabot)

Toilet tracker can tell you either the toilet is clean or not. It also shows either it is engaged or not.

Walabot Security Robot with Alexa Command and Control

Use Walabot and a vision system to identify new objects arriving in the roving space of the robot. Alexa will be used to command and control

Walabot Touchpad

A low profile solution that can turn any surface into a touchpad for your laptop.


Safeguard your kid with this.

Knowing Earth Beneath

Knowing the location of planted seed/ sapling and viewing their stages of growth.

Robotic Google Assistant

A Robot that has two computers, one for Google Assistant and another for Android Things. This will leverage the advantages of both!

Walabot Person Recognizer

Combine the Walabot, Alexa, Raspberry Pi and Computer to measure and recognize people with voice commands!

Walabot + Alexa: Critter Counter

Using a Walabot and Alexa to notify and quantify critter activity in your wall.

Safe Drilling

In our house, to prevent drilling in electric wires or any pipelines, this safeguards us from fathoms of current and water.

Intelligent Object Detection

Adding AI capabilities to Walabot existing features so that you can get more information about detected object.

Curismo: A Smart Pill Box Assistant For Users With Dementia

Curismo uses Walabot to detect when a user picks up a pill and a custom Alexa skill to help user keep track of their daily pill intake.

Interactive Visual Motion Synth

Create visual sounds canvas with your body motion. Use voice command to change sound, patterns and set position markers.

Light Motion

Use a Walabot to automatically control your lights based on people in the room or not.

Continuous Patients Monitoring System for ICU Unit

This project describes a proposed system for monitoring the ICU's patients continuously based on radar sensor data (Walabot).

Seeing Seeds

For better development of seed growth in one's garden, it will be great to gets instruction during its development.

Posture Pal with Walabot

Prevent neck and back pain by monitoring your sitting posture with Walabot's distance sensor and an Android app.

Walamin: The Walabot-Powered Theremin!

A Walabot-powered theremin. Digital, tuneable and customizable.

Walabot Powered Smart Camping Safety Device

The idea of this project is building a camping safety device based on Walabot and Raspberry Pi.

Drone Race Practice Companion

Use a Walabot sensor, Amazon Alexa, and Raspberry Pi to keep track of your stats while practicing for your next drone race!

Walabot Target Visualization in WebVR

Using Intel Compute Stick & Walabot, host a website to visualize Walabot sensor data in VR. Create NodeJS bindings for Walabot.

Electricity Saving Using Smart Home Monitoring

The idea is to basically monitor our rooms continuously and if no one is present in the room, the system will turn off the lights and fans.

Alexa Walabot Lightsaber Trainer

Use Alexa and a Walabot to bring you lightsaber to life! MTFBWY.

Alexa Cloaking Device: Using Walabot for Special Effects

Walabot 3D spacial data is a fascinating source for SFX. To illustrate, Alexa is cloaked by physically re-configuring its radar signature.

Wally Flow - Mindfulness with Walabot and Alexa

Wally Flow replaces bulky and uncomfortable wearable mindfulness trackers by seamlessly integrating mindfulness into the workspace.

Sleeping and Mood Switch

This project is creating an intelligent switch connecting people's sleep to the switchers button of any type of intelligence devices.

HomeBeta: Safety Device for Lonely People!

A safety device based on IoT to know and address people coming home without the need for a person to be present.

Walabot Wheelchair

An early alert system for wheelchair users to avoid collisions


A device to provide data for Machine Learning.


Combine the power of Amazon Alexa, Walabot and IFTTT to create the ultimate in snooze-proof alarm clocks.

Donkeybot: Add Depth + Distance to Donkey Car Using Walabot

Add distance and depth measurements regardless of lighting conditions to Donkey Car!

Walabasquiat: An Interactive Generative Art Installation!

Walabasquiat is an interactive generative art installation using the Walabot 3D imaging sensor, Raspberry Pi, and Android.

Breathing Lights (Walabot & Philips Hue)

Make your Hue lights breathe at the same rate as you with Walabot's breathing detection.

Train Me

Shape your dancing moves and turn yourself into a good dancer by training under a digital dancing coach.

Schrodinger's Cat Detector

Is the cat alive, dead, or neither, and only the act of observation makes it so?

Breathe Sense - An Added Sense for Disabled People

A "breathe-to-speech" assistive system for people with disabilities.

Voice Enabled Automation Hub Optimized for Seniors/Disabled

My solution enables independence in a way that not only puts the person's needs 1st but also provides peace of mind 24/7

Walabot Mobile Trigger

Use mobile phone to config Walabot and define actions by sending trigger to IFTTT or turn on relays.

Finger Gesture-controlled Toy Crossbow

This is a 3D-gesture-controlled toy crossbow controlled by walabot sensors.


Speaking Through Breathing: An intelligent communication system for the paralyzed.

Sleep Restlessness Sensor for Neonates

Monitoring neonates in the intensive care unit (NICU) can be challenging. Using the Walabot's contactless RF sensor makes this much easier.

Cardboard Housing for Walabot Pro

A temporary-yet-durable housing for the Walabot Pro for use during development.

The Alexa-enabled Walabot Consumables Monitoring System

This project creates a Walabot consumables monitoring system accessible via Alexa ecosystem used by businesses and households alike.

Builder Assistant

Hey Alexa, save this measure!

Interactive LEDs with the Walabot

Learn how to connect the walabot in python to the fadecandy running in a processing sketch. The primary purpose here is building a bridge!


The idea is to describe the microclimate generated in a room, conference room or theater by the presence or lack of people and/or things.

Stealing The Idol

An emerald idol seems unprotected in a display box. Can you steal it when no one is looking? Alexa Echo will alert me.

Application of RF to detect PU discontinuities

One of the issues that automotive manufacturers wants to avoid are waterleaks and wind noise in their Direct Glazing. Poliurethane integrity